It was the Amsterdam’s city major named Nicholas Witsen whom introduced coffee for the very first time to Indonesia. In 1696, he instructed the Dutch army commander in Malabar beach in India named Andrian van Ommen to carry over Arabica coffee seed to be planted and developed in Java, and later spread to Sumatera, Sulawesi, Bali and Timor.

In a short time, coffee became the most important trading commodity for the Dutch - VOC. The maiden export taken place in 1711 by VOC and within 10 years the export volume raised up to 60 tons/year. The history written that Indonesia became the first Arabica coffee plantation outside the Ethiopia that made the VOC monopolizing the coffee trading between 1725 until 1780.

These days coffee has been the most favorite drink in the world. Aside of drives people around the world gets crazy due to the unique and unforgettable pleasant aroma, coffee also has health benefits. In Indonesia only there are about 30 variants of coffee and Kopi Luwak is the most unique and rare coffee that is the true original Indonesian heritage that has the most incomparable taste.

 The uniqueness caused by the fermentation process in the animal stomach so called luwak. Begins with the best ripe coffee cherry pick that can only be done by luwak, this nocturnal animal only likes the sweet juice in the berry and swallow the coffee beans completely. One night in luwak’s stomach, these beans being fermented in a perfect temperature that changed the flavor texture more rich and became unique, the fermentation also caused lower caffeine and acidic level. After all, Kopi Luwak is not just the best coffee in taste and also very healthy since it has a low caffeine and save for the ulcer.

Kopi Luwak from Indonesia comes from different regions and one of the best area is the Gayo highlands situated in the Aceh Province, in the west part of Sumatera island of Indonesia. This area produces Kopi Luwak that has the most unique and subtle aroma and flavor that can’t be found anywhere else. It tastes very smooth, full body, subtle, sweet, caramelly, dark chocolaty, floral and the strong after taste that will make you truly enjoying the incomparable pleasure of drinking coffee.

Our 100% pure certified Kopi Luwak beans collected by our trained wild luwak beans collectors from free range luwak animal lives in Gayo highlands, that processed in a high precision to be roasted in a signature roast of KOPI LUWAK NUSANTARA and KOPI LUWAK INDONESIA only for you, our valued customers.